What you should know about sex when a woman is having her period 6 years ago

What you should know about sex when a woman is having her period

Understandably, some women tend to get a little squeamish when it comes to sex when they're on their period.

While some are totally into the idea of having sex regardless of whether they're currently menstruating, there are others for whom the very idea of period sex is a little scary.


Either way, here's a few facts for women to maybe make you think a little differently about putting yourself out of action during your time of the month.




For women who sleep with men, apparently three-quarters have no qualms about sex during their period, according to a massive survey undertaken by Men's Health Magazine.

According to Women's Health, if you're interested in the idea, there are several steps to consider to prepare for...all eventualities.

For instance, place a dark towel on the bed, use a condom (or a dental dam if you are a woman sleeping with another woman), keep a wet washcloth nearby, and lying on your back is probably your best bet position-wise.




Dr. Tara Ford is a medic who specialises in female sexuality, and she had some interesting facts over at Health.com:

Although some people will be too distracted by their period (aka cramps, sore boobs etc) to actually want to have sex, many others are actually more in the mood as oestrogen and testosterone levels peak on the third day of a woman's period.

Also, if penetration on your period freaks you out, you can always just wear a tampon and focus on clitoral stimulation.


According to Autostraddle, (who did a massive survey on women in queer relationships), those who were into the idea of period sex were also shown to be more adventurous when it comes to sex.

"Across the board, people who answered they were “enthusiastically in favour” of sex on their period were more likely to have more, longer, and more satisfying sex; more likely to be ecstatic in their relationship," it reported.

For those who are worried about pregnancy, period sex doesn't mean you can't get pregnant, as Cosmopolitan says: "There are many reported cases of ovulation happening close to menstruation and, because sperm can live up to seven days, it is actually possible to get pregnant during your period. "

So use protection as you normally would.

Finally, when you feel crampy, bloated and horrible, it's been proven that sex can actually offset the annoying symptoms that come with your period. Just something to think about.