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23rd Dec 2019

We tried Arnold Schwarzenegger’s brutal bicep and tricep workout

Alex Roberts

Before hitting the big time in Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger gained popularity on a different kind of stage – bodybuilding

Arnold is still one of the most decorated bodybuilders in history, winning seven straight Mr. Olympia titles before retiring in 1980.

What set him aside from the rest is the number of training principles and muscle-building methods he helped popularise. While supersets, drop sets and the mind-muscle connection have all been used for decades, they gained mainstream recognition through Arnold’s work.

I decided to give Arnold’s world-famous bicep and tricep workout a go.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bicep and tricep workout

1a) Standing Dumbbell Curl
– superset with
1b) Lying Dumbbell Extension

2a) Incline Dumbbell Curl
– superset with
2b) Overhead Triceps Extension

3a) Preacher Curl
– superset with
3b) Weighted Dips

This workout is based around supersets – in other words, exercises which are paired together with no rest in between. For example, once you’ve performed your set of standing dumbbell curls, you should move straight into the dumbbell extension.

Once you’ve performed both sets, take 30-60 seconds rest.

Each superset should be performed five times, with each of the two exercises done for 10 reps. If 10 reps is easy, increase the weight.

By the end of the session, your arms will have been seriously terminated, and well on their way to increasing in size – even if they don’t directly resemble Arnold’s.