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16th May 2016

There is a new tampon women can wear during sex

Mess-free, by all accounts.

Last week we learned more about period sex, but now there’s a new product which makes things less…messy.

It’s a new type of tampon which claims to make period sex hassle-free. It’s called Flex , a circular tampon which, once inserted, moulds to the shape of the cervix, creating the perfect seal.


The creases within the product trap fluid during removal, meaning you won’t leak. You can wear them for up to 12 hours and they are latex free, plus they fit all sizes. It’s also not linked to TSS, and does not disrupt pH, helping prevent bacterial and yeast infections.

Not only is it perfect for period sex, but it’s also great for use during working out, swimming, or overnight.

One person reviewed the product saying: “I couldn’t feel it at all during sex. It was generally very comfortable and super easy to use. It honestly felt like a miracle product!”

While another said: “I tried FLEX and I love it! The sex was mess-free but I actually really loved wearing it the whole day and not having to worry about changing my tampon.”

Speaking about the mission of the product, the makers say:

“We want to help couples become more intimate by providing products that make them feel empowered. We believe women are yearning to feel more comfortable during their periods, and that better products, engaging conversations, and a deeper understanding of her body will create positive change.

“Women spend almost a quarter of their lives menstruating, and if we can help make women feel even slightly less ashamed about her body during this time, we’ve accomplished our mission.”