The Rock has packed on some serious muscle for Fast & Furious 8 in just 4 weeks 5 years ago

The Rock has packed on some serious muscle for Fast & Furious 8 in just 4 weeks

The Rock is a serious beast.

Wrestler, Hollywood film star and all-round gym freak Dwayne Johnson is pretty much in beast mode 24/7.


You only have to look at his ridiculous training schedule, which starts at 3:50am, and the amount of food he puts away in a day to understand why he is a monster of a man.

But it seems the WWE legend has found another gear above Beast Mode to get him even bigger for his role in the up-coming Fast and Furious 8 film.

Basically Johnson had to lean up and come in shredded to play Mitch Buchannon in the new Baywatch movie.

"I came in at 238lbs of lean, mean, rated R comedy machine, he said on his Instagram.


"Plus, I had to be leaner cause we had to look at my boy Zac Efron's insanely ripped 28-pack abs every day."

When you see the shape Efron was in for the film, you'll understand why. He was bringing sub 6% body fat numbers, so Johnson wasn't about to be out-done by the High School Musical star.

But as soon as the camera stopped rolling on Baywatch, Johnson began his insane body transformation for the new Fast & Furious - in just four weeks.


He wasn't f**king about either. The 44-year-old managed to pack 22lbs on to his frame to play Hobbs in the latest instalment of the franchise.

"For Fast & Furious I'm stepping on set 260lbs of the meanest, strongest and most highly funny and entertaining shit talkin' version of Hobbs the franchise has ever seen," he posted.

"The 6,000 calorie per day diet, training and focus is hard core. When you see Fast 8 it'll all make sense."


Yes that's 6,000 calories he manages to pack in every single day - that's alongside filming, training and sleeping (if he even finds time for that).

To give you an idea of just how much food that is, here's The Rock's meal plan back when he was eating a paltry 5,165 calories...

Rock diet

The fact he managed to put on 22lbs in just four weeks is incredible - and his diet obviously played a massive part.


While Johnson hasn't given much away in terms of what training he was smashing to get himself huge for his latest film role, he did reveal his formula for packing on mass when he was training for the film Hercules.

It's not for the feint hearted though...