Returning to the gym? The Rock has some fitness tips for you 1 month ago

Returning to the gym? The Rock has some fitness tips for you

When The Rock speaks, you sure as hell listen

Gyms in England and Wales have reopened. If you need some motivation to return to the weights room or complete that gruelling cardio session, listen to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's words of wisdom.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, the world's highest paid actor and fitness fanatic shared his workout advice for those returning to the gym.

All over the world, gyms and fitness centres have faced lengthy periods of closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the UK and USA, they are reopening, but with stringent cleanliness measures in place.

"I know you guys have been pent up for months, you've been dying to train, you haven't been able to get into your local gyms, you're ready to get back and train like beasts, trust me I know, I understand," The Rock said.

"Have a plan. Make a decision. Have real clarity. Be decisive, then make your move. Get out there and go."

According to the eight-time WWE champion, it's just a case of putting a plan in place, and getting it done.

"That first step begins with that first rep, and in order to complete that first rep, you've got to get out there.

"Be decisive, get to the gym, and start training."

In a separate post, The Rock outlined his current training programme:

  • Monday: chest, calves, abs, cardio
  • Tuesday: back, abs, neck, cardio
  • Wed: shoulders, abs, cardio
  • Thursday: arms, abs, calves, cardio
  • Friday: chest, back, abs, cardio
  • Saturday: legs, abs, calves
  • Sunday: off... maybe.

The Rock's weight training lessons

One of The Rock's preferred methods for gaining muscle is in using giant sets.

Giant sets are similar to super sets and tri sets. Super sets pair two exercises back-to-back, and tri sets use three.

But with giant sets, you'll go even further and combine four or more lifts into one set. All of these lifts will target one single muscle group and are performed back-to-back with little or no rest in between.

Giant sets are a great way to stress a muscle group through metabolic stress - a key driver of muscle gain. By also minimising rest, you'll also boost your cardiovascular fitness.

The Rock has spent years on the road with the WWE and then as an actor, where you don't get a great deal of free time in which to work out. He's had to improvise to get the best out of limited gym time.