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21st Jun 2017

How to tell if you’re drinking enough water in a heatwave

Be warned - it's not pleasant.

Laura Holland

As much as we want the hot weather in Briatin, we’re very rarely able or ready for it.

Between the sweltering heat within our houses and offices, to leaving the house in an outfit that only intensifies the heat. We also seem to forget that suncream exists whenever the sun comes out.

Another thing we forget to do is to drink enough water. It’s vital to keep hydrated during any hot weather, but especially during a heatwave.

If you think you’re drinking enough but not sure, there is one way to check.

Be warned, it’s not very pleasant.

Nutritionist Amanda Ursel told The Mayo Clinic that one very effective way of checking if you’re drinking enough water during a heatwave is to check your urine. Depending on the colour, it will indicate if you need to drink more. She said:

“If it’s pale and clear that’s good. If it’s dark orange and whiffy, you need to drink more.”

While it’s important to drink as much as possible, you also must not drink too much as this can cause problems for your kidneys. On average you should drink approximately eight glasses of water per day.

This would increase if you’re exercising and according to your weight and age.