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02nd May 2017

Ryan Reynolds’ trainer reveals the secret to losing weight and getting shredded

Bed by 9pm

Alan Loughnane

Do this and you won’t look like Ryan Reynolds… but you might drop a few pounds.

Known for his incredible shape and razor sharp abs wit, Ryan Reynolds is a massive star in Hollywood, particularly after the mega success of Deadpool and all the black humour that went with it.

He’s one of the hottest commodities in the movie world right now and with a Deadpool 2 in the works, his star is only going to rise even further.

But how exactly does the star get into shape for all his movies? The Daily Mail spoke with his trainer Don Saladino to learn the secrets of how the star stays in such good shape.

“Sleep is how we repair our hormones so that we’re functioning optimally during our workouts,” Saladino said. “You burn calories at rest and when you get proper sleep, your energy levels are better. So you’re more active during the day. I make sure I’m in bed by 9 p.m. every night.”

Saladino said that sleep is the first topic he discusses with any new client.

In terms of diet, he has some simple dietary suggestions for people to follow.

“I suggest avoiding white sugar, so no added sugars, avoid white flour, white bread,” he advised. “I prefer people not to have wheat but, if it’s not realistic, wheat is kept in. Same thing with dairy, I prefer people not to be on dairy. But if someone says they like having Greek yogurt, I let them keep that in there.”

In terms of workouts, he also has some suggestions for gym goers out there.

“Ryan Reynolds, for example, he weight trains and resistance trains, you never see that guy on the treadmill,” he said.

He recommends loaded carries and sledding, and admits these are the moves he does with all of his movie star customers.