Man completes Peter Crouch-shaped half marathon across London 1 year ago

Man completes Peter Crouch-shaped half marathon across London

He paid homage to Crouch's robot celebration

A man has completed a Peter Crouch-shaped half marathon across west London, much to the amusement of the former Liverpool, Southampton and QPR striker.


Not only that - the man's half marathon passed through locations that are meant to hold particular relevance to Crouch and his life.


The runner, Matt Peck, made his way across west London in a Peter Crouch-shaped sprint stopping at the following locations:

  1. Liverpool Road, Ealing (in homage to one of Crouch's former clubs)
  2. Rose Gardens, South Ealing (a reference to Crouch's daughter)
  3. Drayton Manor High School (which Crouch attended)
  4. North Ealing Primary School (again, which the former England man attended)
  5. Samrat (Crouch's favourite curry house)
  6. A low bridge (as Crouch is tall - a bit of a reach, this one)
  7. Abbey Road (the iconic west London street famed for a Beatles' album cover shares its name with Crouch's wife)

Crouch was clearly fond of Peck's half marathon exploits, as he tweeted he was a "big fan of Matt's running route". The route was shaped like Crouch's iconic robot celebration, which itself took inspiration from the Arctic Monkeys' hit single I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor.

The inspirational lyric in question was 'Dancing to electro pop like a robot from 1984'. Crouch put this celebration into practice whenever he scored for England.


Crouch recently spoke to JOE about the English 'golden generation' teams he featured in during the early 2000s.



Crouch said: "I look at the young players we've got coming through and there are German teams and Spanish teams coming after our young players and willing to spend a lot of money on them because I do think we're producing some of the best young talent in the world".

When asked to describe the main differences between England's golden generation and the current crop of Three Lions stars, Crouch said manager Gareth Southgate "deserves a lot of credit" for instilling a club mentality amongst the squad.

The 40-year-old added that Premier League games between the biggest clubs were more heated and bitter occasions when he was playing.