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20th May 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 on JOE

Declan Cashin

This week, May 16-22, is Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 (#MHAW16). Some 1 in 4 people in the UK will be affected by a mental health issue each year, with anxiety and depression being the most common problems.

The statistics around mental health in the UK, particularly for men, are startling.

For this reason, JOE has been publishing a series of stories, videos, and personal accounts to engage with and widen the discussion about men’s mental health and relationships in the UK today. All of our pieces are collected here in this post. 

15 Things I wish I told Myself When I was Unemployed and Depressed by Carl Anka

The 9 Stages Of Addiction, As Told By An Addict, by Jordan Gold

I Live With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Trust Me, It’s No Joke, by Matt Tate

Here’s When I Reached Rock Bottom And How I Got Back Up, by Carl Anka

The Science Of Why Exercise And Diet Are The Cornerstone Of Good Health, by Ben Kenyon

Things I’m Tired Of Hearing After Coming Out As Bisexual, by Kevin Beirne.

How My Rugby Mates Knocked Some Sense Into Me About My Mental Health, by Carl Anka.

The Misery Vortex And Sisters With The Key, by Nooruddean Choudry

How Being Close Friends With Women Made Me The Man I Am Today, by Kevin Beirne.

How BoJack Horseman Helped Me Better Understand Depressionby Tom Victor

One of our readers, Johnny Sharples, shared with us this moving story about his brother’s death:
What My Brother’s Suicide Has Taught Me About Mental Health