Mark Wahlberg turns 50 today and people still can't believe his extreme workout 1 week ago

Mark Wahlberg turns 50 today and people still can't believe his extreme workout

Mark Wahlberg turns 50 today, and people still can't believe his workout routine

Despite posting pics of his 'dad bod' recently, Mark Wahlberg is still known for his rather extreme workout routine, which results in a normally buff body uncommon for the likes of a 50-year-old.


Wahlberg has woken up, eaten breakfast and finished training - all before 5:30am. He even finds the time to get a prayer in. There's being a morning person, and then there's this. You can't argue with his dedication, though, and his routine fits perfectly around his film commitments.

You'll notice that Wahlberg likes to eat frequent, small meals. Meal frequency is a topic we have previously explored.


For building muscle, spreading your amount of meals over the course of the day in smaller feeds appears to provide the best anabolic response.

If fat loss is the goal, the number of meals you eat doesn't matter so much as it's more about the calories you consume. When you burn off more calories than you take in from food and drink then you'll lose weight.

Engaging in extra activities such as golf may seem like an extra stress added to an already busy day, but there's definitely a benefit to this.

NEAT is a concept which stands for 'non-exercise activity thermogenesis'. This basically refers to activities you do outside the gym that still burn calories and energy. Increasing the amount of sport you engage in can be a great way of shifting stubborn body fat, as can walking to and from work.