Apparently today is officially the happiest day of the year 10 months ago

Apparently today is officially the happiest day of the year

Are you feeling chipper today?

If you’re not, well, you should be. Today, July 14, is officially the happiest day of the year.

Why? There are a number of factors, all of which have been put in a formula created by psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall, who you may know as the man that determined that Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, was the most depressing day of the year.

Arnall, formerly of Cardiff University, has teamed up with Jurys Inn to create a formula to work out the happiest day of the year.

The formula measures everything that makes us happiest - including health, mindfulness, emotional connectedness, authenticity and family fun - which were identified as the core human fundamental elements that bring us happiness. As part of the calculations, these factors were tallied up and divided by uncertainty, which can negatively impact our emotional being.


Smack bang in the middle of summer, the happiest day of the year is ideally placed for holidays, spending time with our friends and family, and switching off from stress.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Arnall said: “The formula is designed to prominently highlight the key features of personal happiness and to allow people hearing about the formula to build and maintain their happiness over the long term.

“We hope that the Happiest Day 2017 is very much a springboard to be used to reach deeper levels of happiness which can be maintained and sustained throughout a person’s life.”

You heard the man. Now go enjoy it while it lasts.