Letting your dog sleep in your bed is good for you, study says 10 months ago

Letting your dog sleep in your bed is good for you, study says

Snoozing with your pup may actually be good for you

Research has discovered that allowing your dog into bed may benefit your long-term health.


Two thirds of British pet owners allow their furry friends to sleep in or on their bed, which has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health.

The research - conducted by bed and mattress specialist, Bed SOS - found that men were less likely to allow pets to share the bedroom. 36% of men say they never allow their pets into bed, compared to a third of women.

Experts say there are five main benefits to cuddling up with your pup:

  • It can help ease stress and anxiety
  • It can lead to a better night's sleep
  • It helps solidify bonds between you and your pet
  • It can make you feel more secure
  • It can decrease loneliness

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Researchers say you should stop allowing your dog into the bedroom if it is restless, aggravating allergies or displaying signs of dominance.

Sarah Mackie, writer and area co-ordinator at Pets as Therapy, said: "For those in relationships, sharing a bed with a larger pet can create extra challenges, but those sleeping alone could benefit from some animal company. Our primal need for the feeling of a safe place is often filled by a pet, whose steady heartbeat and lack of personal space provide the perfect conditions for calm."

Couples should think carefully before allowing pets into bed, however.

"Whether sleeping with your pet is a good idea or not is a complex question. A married couple sharing their bed with anything larger than a spaniel is, in my opinion, akin to sharing with a sprawling toddler – all bony bits and wriggling!

"However, for those people who might otherwise sleep alone, then an animal takes the place of a teddy and, as such, can aid a very restful sleep indeed."