Cigarette packs are going to look very different from now on 5 years ago

Cigarette packs are going to look very different from now on

All cigarette packaging will look almost exactly the same as of tomorrow, after a challenge to the High Court from Tobacco companies was dismissed.

Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International had all argued against the legality of the new standardised packaging regulations, but Mr Justice Green overruled them.


So what does that mean for smokers? Well, every pack of cigarettes will now have to be olive green in colour, with a picture health warning that must cover 65 per cent of the front and back of the packaging. The new directive also states that there must be additional health warnings on top.

Essentially, the government is doing everything in its power to ensure people are put off buying their usual 20 deck, as well as making it look like a much less appealing habit to the next generation.

The legal challenges came from the world's four largest tobacco firms, but they've been swiftly dismissed. Mr Justice Green said: "The regulations were lawful when they were promulgated by Parliament and they are lawful now in the light of the most up-to-date evidence."

The companies are reportedly considering whether or not to appeal the decision.

It's been a week of huge overhaul for the UK smoking industry. Tomorrow also marks the beginning of a nationwide ban on 10-packs and menthol cigarettes.