Busy dad shares the high-intensity workout plan which got him into shape 2 years ago

Busy dad shares the high-intensity workout plan which got him into shape

One busy father is proof you don't have to move mountains if you're looking to get ripped

Herculean weight loss results aren't achieved by becoming a recluse and eating dull food, they are achieved with sustainable, long-lasting changes which fit smoothly into your schedule.


This helped Simon Gittins shed the pounds, and it will work for you too.

Bingeing at the beginning

Before embarking on his transformation, Gittins admits he put little thought into his nutrition.

"In 2010, I weighed 16 stone. I thought I could get away with far more than I actually could diet wise. My diet was out of control - the combination of sugar and high carb / high fat food was taking its toll."

His diet was characterised by poor choices.

"I fell into a lot of bad habits - working a lot and grabbing food on the go. I convinced myself I deserved treats as I was working hard. Takeaways, binges, chocolate, alcohol all crept into work evenings and not just the weekends."


This took a distinct toll on his overall wellbeing.

Gittins says: "I suffered a huge anxiety attack once due to my size, inability to get a mental grip on my situation and my dwindling fitness levels.

"The culmination of anxiety, fitness decline and lack of self respect was my ultimate low. It was my real fight or flight time."

Simon's daily diet


For Gittins, the most significant change came with alterations to his training diet. However big they seemed, the 44-year-old ensured these changes were sustainable and easy to adhere to.

"I like keeping it simple - not overdoing it with limitations is key for me.

"General rules of thumb are, eat small frequent meals. Consume protein with every meal. Week days, keep starchy carbs to a minimum, eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables."

A typical day's diet would be:

  • Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, oats and raspberries (overnight oats placed in the fridge the night before)
  • Morning snack: protein shake and nuts
  • Lunch: meat and vegetables
  • Afternoon snack: protein shake and nuts or a piece of fruit
  • Dinner: meat and vegetables

Gittins acknowledges the importance of staying flexible, enjoying one or two cheat meals per week. The benefits go beyond stuffing your face with your favourite food.

"Too many sacrifices for too long lead to failure for me, and my plan involves indirect calorie and carb cycling. This draws many hormonal benefits and keeps me going long term."


A workout that worked wonders

Changing your diet will help you lose weight, but adding training on top will provide a further stimulus for change.

Gittins credits his great transformation to Beachbody's P90X workout plan. He says:

"I discovered Beachbody's workout P90X in 2011 and now I'm mentally very strong and physically too – before I knew it I could do just a few unassisted pull ups.

"The fitness community created by Beachbody just made me go from strength to strength."

P90X is a high-intensity training system, and Gittins has shared an example chest and back workout for you to try. You can do it at the gym, home or office.

He says: "Try repeating this 3 times and enjoy the pump you feel!"

  • 1: Standard Pushups
  • 2: Wide Front Pullups (use a chair to stand on with one foot if you struggle at first)
  • 3: Military Pushups
  • 4: Reverse Grip Chin Ups
  • 5: Wide Fly Push-Ups
  • 6: Close Grip Overhand Pullups

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds back-to-back, then rest for a minute. Repeat for 3-5 rounds.

The results are clear to see, and the numbers reinforce Gittins' stellar work.

"My lowest weight has been 11 stone, but I'm happier somewhere between 12 and 13 stone. I've been down to single digit body fat regularly."

Your abs begin to appear when you're around 13% body fat - but Gittins took this below 10% while living a busy lifestyle. He has now built on his success by helping others looking to lose weight and get fitter.

"In 2017 I became a Beachbody coach of 'Team Immortal'. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been – everyday I fulfil my dream of helping others to live an active and healthy lifestyle."

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