Seven ways to boost your metabolism naturally for better fat loss 6 months ago

Seven ways to boost your metabolism naturally for better fat loss

Losing weight is generally a matter of simple science

Calories in versus calories out, that is. But even when these facts are laid bare, knowing exactly what to do with your training and nutrition strategy can still be confusing. Boosting your metabolism can help you burn more calories and body fat as a result.

These are the most effective ways of stoking the fires of your metabolic rate:

Lift heavy weights

Bodybuilding 'broscience' once held that lifting lighter weights for higher reps was the best way of training to boost your metabolism lose weight. This is now known to be wide-of-the-mark. Lifting heavier could produce even better results.

According to Greek researchers, heavy lifting with 85% of your one rep max boosts your metabolism for a longer period of time when compared to lifts with 45% of your max.

Starving yourself is not advised

If you drastically cut down on calories and food, your metabolism and weight loss will grind to a halt. Slow and steady wins the race.

Suppose you're trying to lose body fat. Consuming around 150-200 calories less each day should be enough to shed the pounds, but will do so sustainably. An overly aggressive diet will also wreak havoc with hormones such as leptin and ghrelin, which regulate appetite. 

Stay hydrated 

Drink cold water - it really is that simple. In just an hour, downing 500 millilitres of water can boost your metabolic rate by 10-30%.

The colder the water, the greater the boost to your metabolism. This is because your body will burn energy to heat the water up to body temperature.

Princely protein

What's that - a fitness article recommending protein? Mind = blown!

Seriously, the benefits of eating protein go beyond helping you build bigger biceps. Protein is the type of food with the highest thermic effect - meaning you burn more energy metabolising it than you do carbs or fat.

Spice it up

Cayenne pepper, capsaicin and black pepper can help boost your metabolism, though you shouldn't rely on these foods alone.

Adding spices to your food won't do much if the meal you're eating is junk food, either.

Sleep on it

Feeling sluggish is the least of your worries when it comes to a poor night's sleep. Less than satisfactory shut-eye raises your output of the stress hormone cortisol. This slows your metabolism and increases your cravings for junk food.

Don't forget the right fats

Not all kinds of fat are created equal. For example, butter and margarine contain long-chain fatty acids, whereas coconut oil is higher in medium-chain fats. The latter kinds provide more of a boost for your metabolism.

Just be mindful that all fats contain nine calories per gram, which is more than double the four calories in each gram that protein and carbs carry.

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