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29th Mar 2019

Blitz your back muscles with these essential gym exercises

A developed back won't only make you look bigger and stronger - you'll also feel fitter and healthier. These are the key lifts

Alex Roberts

A developed back won’t only make you look bigger and stronger – you’ll also feel fitter and healthier

Building a bigger back isn’t just about targeting the lats – these lifts also work your traps, rhomboids and much smaller muscles such as the rear delts and infraspinatus.

We’ve compiled a guide to some of the best back exercises you can look to integrate into your workouts.

The best back exercises

  • Gymnastic Ring Chin Ups
  • Prone Barbell Row
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Meadows Row
  • Seated Row
  • Band Pull Aparts

Include these lifts into a wider pull day, focussing on your back, biceps and rear delts. In terms of frequency, perform this workout at least twice a week.