You can now buy a bed that converts into a home gym 1 year ago

You can now buy a bed that converts into a home gym

Staying in bed is no longer an excuse for skipping a workout

You can now buy a bed that converts into a home gym - which could come in handy if lockdown two is extended beyond December 2nd by Boris and co.


The brand behind this bodybuilding bed say it solves the fundamental barrier to a successful home workout: the need for space.

PIVOT Fitness has developed the PIVOT® Bed, which converts into a home gym in a matter of seconds. The apparatus allows you to pivot the bed up into a locked, stable and self-supporting position, so you can get stuck into your workout straight away.

The bed comes with a pull-up bar, dip bar and whole power rack built into the bed frame.


Whether you're into bodyweight training or free weights, there's room for pretty much every exercise. Your workout mat and other assorted pieces of equipment are stored in the space under the bed.

home gym pivot fitness Just ensure your partner isn't fast asleep when you decide to start your workout.

The pull-up bar can be set to heights between 1.7 and 2.3 metres, and it's a little sturdier than the doorway-mounted pull-up bars you'll typically find.


PIVOT Fitness say it doesn't take long to switch between bed and home gym.

The PIVOT® Bed can supposedly be switched between its two positions in a matter of seconds due to the gas struts that take the majority of the weight.

If you're a calisthenics connoisseur, you can make do with the pull-up and dip bars. However, free weight fanatics can make use of an optional power rack which installs onto the bottom of the bed frame.

One of the positives of a home power rack is not having to wait for other gym users to finish using the bench and squat racks.


"Space in many UK homes is at a premium and is often stated as the biggest hurdle to exercising at home. The PIVOT® Bed is a groundbreaking addition to this market", said Colin Montgomery, Founder and CEO of PIVOT Fitness.

"Its convenience, coupled with a state-of-the-art design, means there are no more excuses to skipping a workout."

Home gym equipment sales in the UK have spiked by a whopping 5813% since the first Covid-19 lockdown, and by July 2020, sales of free weights had already surpassed the 2019 total.

You might be thinking, 'how does the bed simply not fall to bits when you begin working out?' It is supported by a stable and strong steel base and does not need to be mounted to the floor or wall.


The bed currently ships anywhere in the UK, Canada, United States and the EU.

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