Want to become a faster runner? Do this strength exercise at the gym 3 years ago

Want to become a faster runner? Do this strength exercise at the gym

If it's good enough for The Rock, it's good enough for you

While he's not much of a runner, a favoured lift of The Rock's should take centre stage in the gym routine of anyone looking to smash a PB out on the roads.


The People's Champ likes to use the flywheel squat machine as part of his leg workout. Although this piece of kit may look wacky and unconventional, it boasts huge benefits.


A new study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research put the flywheel squat machine to the test.

It was found that just eight weeks of using the flywheel in training produced:

  • Strength gains in the form of 1RM (maximum you can lift for one rep on an exercise)
  • Improved running economy

The study's authors define running economy as "the most important determining factor in endurance performance in both elite and recreational runners".


Why the flywheel squat machine?

The best gym in your city probably doesn't have a flywheel, but maybe gyms should start stocking up on them. This apparatus allows you to gain all the pros of a barbell squat without the need for any bar or upper body load.

If you've got lower back issues, are a keen runner or are just looking to stimulate the quads from a different angle, this machine is worth testing out.


Another recent study looked at the number of workouts you need to first notice muscle gains.

Researchers found evidence of new growth after just five workouts on a target muscle group. The machine they used for this study was the flywheel squat.
Who in the blue hell is going to argue with The Rock's leg day?
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