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15th Jun 2016

This new service has been launched to help men deal with stress and anxiety

Beat Stress is a new anonymous chat service that you can use if things are getting too much

Carl Anka

The people behind Men’s Health Forum have launched a online new service to help men deal with stress and anxiety.

Beat Stress‘ is a new anonymous online chat and email service that men can access via computer, smartphone or tablet device.

Users in need of someone to talk to simply log on and are put in contact with a specialist where they can confidentially discuss things they are going through.

Currently the service has a live helpline on Wednesdays between 7 and 11pm, with an email service opened for those wanting to talk on other days.

Man on iPhone

Dr Neil Coulson, Associate Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Nottingham said of the service: ‘We know from our research that men may feel more empowered to seek help when it is anonymous, convenient and confidential. This service is a great step forward in helping men to help themselves and with the right support we know that men can and do self-manage stress effectively.’

Beat Stress has launched mid-may through International Men’s Health Week to better encourage men to seek help and to look after themselves.

Earlier this year, for Mental Health Awareness Week, we at JOE looked to provide a number of helpful guides for men who might be going through issues and need to talk to someone.

Our full list of guides can be found here.

If you think you’d like to know more about anxiety and stress, you can read our explainer here.