Ryan Reynolds has launched a streaming service with only one film on it 1 year ago

Ryan Reynolds has launched a streaming service with only one film on it

He calls it "The world’s most affordable streaming service"

Hollywood A-List / frequent online prankster Ryan Reynolds has trolled fans once again by launching a streaming service that only has one single film on it.


On Wednesday he tweeted the announcement of Mint Mobile +  (Mint Mobile is the wireless carrier Ryan Reynolds bought a stake in back in November 2019).

It was accompanied by a video made up of clips of his mostly forgotten 2003 heist movie Foolproof.

The trailer hypes up the chance to "Binge over 80 minutes of Ryan Reynolds, in one bingetastic place, all streaming in 2003 DVD quality".

And if you head over to mintmobileplus.com, you are greeted with a nicely put-together parody of Disney+.


On first look, it appears to be filled with content, but look closer and you will see that all the titles are actually just Foolproof, just with thumbnails to make it look like all different genres.

And if you click on any of them, you are indeed able to watch the film, in a grainy DVD-quality version.

Shortly after the original tweet, Reynolds sent another message, saying "Two minutes after launch and our crack data team has already determined Mint Mobile + should probably be shut down by the weekend. We’ll go back to focusing on premium wireless…"

So if you want to finally catch up with Foolproof, you probably need to be quick (or just buy a used DVD off Amazon for £2).


Ryan Reynolds has a history of these kinds of marketing stunts. Back in May 2019, he appeared to tweet a link to an illegally-uploaded rip of Detective Pikachu, days before it hit cinemas (Reynolds was the voice of Pikachu in the movie).

When you clicked through it though, what you actually got was 10 minutes of Pikachu dancing to 1980s synthpop.

That video has 32 million views, by the way.