PSA: Jurassic Park will leave Netflix on New Year's Day 9 months ago

PSA: Jurassic Park will leave Netflix on New Year's Day

Life finds a way - but Netflix doesn't

Christmas is a time for giving, and being with the ones you love. But it is also a time for watching lots of films. Classic films in particular. Classic films that you have seen a million times before, but you still end up watching in a nostalgic haze while consuming an entire box of Celebrations. Films like Jurassic Park.


It is also a time for getting around to watching classic films you have never seen before. So if you have never seen Jurassic Park, pay attention. Jurassic Park is leaving Netflix UK on January 1st, so if you want to finally watch it, do it over the Christmas break.

Or if you have a significant other, or family member, or flatmate who has somehow never seen Jurassic Park, and you are constantly saying to the "How the hell have you never seen Jurassic Park!? What is wrong with you!?" you should also pay attention, as you have until New Year's Day to force them to watch it.

Or, you could rent it from various VOD sites. Or wait for it to be on ITV2. Or buy it on DVD or Blu-ray. Or maybe even buy it on VHS from eBay. The point is, it will not be on Netflix in the UK any more.

Also leaving Netflix on the same day are the two sequels, The Lost World and Jurassic Park III. Obviously, they are not as good, but they are both movies with dinosaurs and all movies with dinosaurs are good.

At this point, I would normally explain a little bit about what the plot of Jurassic Park is about, but let's be honest, you know what it is about. It is about dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum.

Instead, I will point out that a film called I'm In Love With A Church Girl, starring Ja Rule, that is also leaving Netflix on January 1st.