This ‘leaked’ Avengers 4 trailer is probably fake, but is still pretty cool 3 years ago

This ‘leaked’ Avengers 4 trailer is probably fake, but is still pretty cool

Look, it doesn’t matter if it is real or not, let’s just get hyped

Avengers 4 is still about six months away – so we’ve still got ages to go until the resolution of probably the biggest cliffhanger in movie history.


So far, official details have been very thin on the ground. The Russo Brothers have shared a cryptic image, and we’ve made our best guesses from Ant-Man and The Wasp’s end credits scene. But that is about it.

Now, however, the trailer for the as-yet-untitled sequel has been leaked! And this is definitely the real, 100% official trailer!

Ok, it is probably just a clever fan-made clip. But whatever, it is getting traction, and it is getting us hyped.


The trailer focuses on the Infinity Gauntlet, now appearing to be removed from Thanos' mitts, before cutting to what looks like Captain America and a few others cast in stone.

A spooky voiceover, which is probably Thanos, says: "I have all the power and I still achieved nothing".

It is a typical filmed-on-a-camera-phone-at-a-screening job with crowd noise, which is easy to fake, but also how a trailer is likely to leak.


The clip first appeared on Reddit, from a user named u/pranay__21.