Crazy rumour suggests Christian Bale and George Clooney offered roles in new Flash film 1 year ago

Crazy rumour suggests Christian Bale and George Clooney offered roles in new Flash film

It this happens, it would be mindblowing

A rumour reported by Fandomwire suggests that Christian Bale, George Clooney and Val Kilmer will be offered cameos in the upcoming Flash solo film. And Nicholas Cage could also be appearing as Superman as well.


The Flash movie, starring Ezra Miller as the title character, looks like it will involve The Flash hoping between different alternate realities.

It has already been confirmed that Ben Affleck will be returning as the Bruce Wayne of the DCEU, and Michael Keaton will be playing an alternate-reality Batman. It will be the first time that Keaton has played Batman since Batman Returns in 1992.

Now it is rumoured that the producers are approaching former Batman actors to return to play further alternate versions of the Dark Knight. Val Kilmer and George Clooney, who starred in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin respectively, are reportedly being approached to cameo, with Christopher O'Donnell, who played Robin alongside both of them, also being considered to appear.


Fandomwire also says that producers want one of those worlds that The Flash visits to be the world of the Christopher Nolan films, and "are very keen to try and get Christian Bale to show up".

The craziest part of the report though is that Nicolas Cage could play Superman in the film. "But Nicolas Cage never played Superman!" we hear you cry. Yes, but he was meant to be Supes in the 1990s, in a film directed by Tim Burton that never happened.

Superman Lives remains one of the greatest unmade movies in the history of Hollywood, and was even the subject of its own feature-length documentary.

According to Fandomwire, Cage would play the Superman of Michael Keaton's world.


Will any of this actually happen? Well, it is just a rumour, and even if it is true that the studio wants it to happen, it would take a lot to get the likes of Christian Bale, Nicolas Cage and George Clooney on board.

But it's a fun thing to dream about that will get nerds really excited. And isn't that the real meaning of superhero movie news?