Back To The Future fans perfectly recreate a classic scene with Michael J Fox 3 years ago

Back To The Future fans perfectly recreate a classic scene with Michael J Fox

Controversial opinion: Back to the Future is quite a good film

The sci-fi adventure tells the story of small-town teenager Marty McFly, who thanks to the experiments of his eccentric friend Doc Brown, is set back in time to the 1950s, where he has to…


Wait, what are we even doing? You know what happens in Back to the Future. You’ve seen it a million times, you watch it every bank holiday on Film 4.

Anyway, the film has remained a beloved classic, and despite the fact we are now as far away from its original release as the 1950s were from 1985, each new generation has continued to fall in love with the trilogy.

And here's an example of the fandom continuing. Two eager Back to the Future fans got to get their photo with Marty McFly himself, Michael J Fox, at the FANEXPO Canada Convention in Toronto.


But they didn't just take a simple selfie with him. Oh no. They went and recreated this classic scene from the film:

They recreated the photo that Marty has of himself with his siblings Dave and Linda - who start to fade from the photo after Marty prevents his parents from meeting, meaning that the trio will never be born.


They even recreated Dave's Mickey mouse shirt and Linda's Class of '84 sweater perfectly.

Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd have reprised the roles of Doc and Marty several times since Back to the Future Part III, but despite a fake post going viral last year, a fourth film is not on the cards.