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18th Feb 2022

Storm Eunice: 122mph gust recorded on Isle Of Wight in new provisional record for England

Kieran Galpin

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The biggest ever gust was recorded in 1986

A wind gust of 122mph has been recorded on the Isle of Wight in what is believed to be a new record for England.

Amid the general chaos caused by storm Eunice, a huge wind gust was reported at The Needles on the Isle of Wight, reports the Met Office. While Eunice is certainly gaining speed, the strongest ever gust was recorded in 1986 in Scotland, where winds reached 173mph.

This comes as the Met Office continues to issue red and yellow weather warnings across the UK. People have shared their storm experiences online, with comedy genius Matt Lucas tweeting: “Storm Eunice blew my gay away. I am cleansed.”

Ellen shared a terrifying tale, she wrote:  Tree came down on our family house in Cobh this morning. Very lucky to say nobody was hurt, and only a few busted windows and a stray branch through the roof to show for it. Stay safe everyone.”

Others shared important warnings: “Shelters are now open across London for those who are homeless under the severe weather emergency protocol scheme. Storm Eunice could pose a significant threat to life and councils are now compelled to open emergency accommodation.”

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“If you’re in the #UK and considering a #motorway journey today proceed with caution. Having said this I strongly advise against it. It’s windy out there,” another wrote.

Pilots landing planes amid high winds are also gaining traction on Twitter, with one person writing: “This is unbelievable TV. #StormEunice meet live commentary of plans coming into land at #HeathrowAirport. Give this man his own show.”

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