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19th Dec 2016

Liam Neeson’s Santa Claus audition is in equal parts hilarious and terrifying

You really wouldn't want him coming down your chimney

Paul Moore

He really should do more comedies. This is great.

In a career that has spanned 38 years on screen, the incredibly talented Liam Neeson is probably more renowned for his intensity as an actor than his deft comedic touch. Even before his recent renaissance as an action star after the success of the Taken series, the Oscar nominated actor has excelled in some wonderful dramatic roles.

Schindler’s List and Michael Collins are two of his most famous dramas, but away from camera, Neeson has always been a bit of a goofball that’s happy to take the mickey out of his on-screen persona.

His performance in Life’s too Short still cracks us up.

Nesson has a busy few weeks ahead with his new films Silence and A Monster Calls being released, but we’re not ruling out a future film where he plays Santa Claus.

The only problem is that his version of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas might be more terrifying than a million Christmas nightmares combined.

This is brilliant.