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20th Nov 2015

Liverpool icon John Barnes is rapping again and it’s wonderful (Video)

"I said a hip hop, Hippie to the hippie"

Paul Moore

There are a few memories of Italia ’90 that will forever remain in the memories of football fans.

From Cameroon stunning Argentina in the opening match to Gazza’s tears and England’s disastrous penalty shoot-out against Germany.

Part of the World Cup tradition from previous decades was the cheesy song that the squad recorded before flying out for the tournament but one song stands head and shoulders above the rest because it remains an absolute tune.

‘World in Motion’ by New Order is a classic anthem for football fans because the most memorable of the track is the famous John Barnes rap.

The former Watford, Liverpool and Newcastle hero was a guest at the Football Blog Awards and he gave the crowd a cracking version of Rapper’s Delight by The  Sugar Hill Gang.

Take a look.