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09th Jan 2020

UFC fighter reviews fight scenes from Hollywood films

Wil Jones

Lots of films have fighting scenes

Pretty much as long as there’s been cinema, there have been scenes featuring hand-to-hand combat. Back in the silent movie days these were little more than the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentino winding their arms back like some kind of wind up toy car, but over time these scenes have grown more violent and realistic.

Through the use of stuntmen and the advent of slow motion technology and CGI, combat scenes in films have become significantly more realistic over the years, allowing for the kind of choreographed fights seen in the likes of Raid: Redemption – which features arguably some of the best fight scenes in cinema history.

But don’t take the word of me, a man behind a desk who’s only fighting experience is Tekken and occasionally getting punched in the face by people that don’t like me, instead take it from an actual professional fighter.

One actual fighter is UFC welterweight fighter Danny ‘Hot Chocolate’ Roberts, who recently sat down with JOE to watch and review some of the most famous fighting scenes in cinema from recent years.