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01st Aug 2017

A tribute to Alf Stewart and his best lines from Home And Away

There's plenty of them.

Alan Loughnane

Stone the flamin’ crows!

This is our tribute to the man, the myth, the legend that is Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) and some of his famous sayings.

Alf Stewart is an institution in Australia, loved by all and a cult hero in one of Australia’s most popular soaps as he continues to ply his trade in Summer Bay.

It’s even come to the point where there’s been calls to update Australian culture, and not their flag or their national anthem, but their money with Ray Meagher’s face on it. At the time of writing this piece, there’s been no progress on this front. We dream of the day when Alf’s face emblazons the Australian Dollar.

There were rumours last year that Alf may be on the way out of the show and although he did take a turn for the worst, he is thankfully still an important member of the Home and Away cast.

But why does everyone love Alf so much? His longevity? His good natured persona? His zero tolerance to any bullshit?

No, he’s loved for his many, many sayings. You will find as you read this, that most of them have the word “flamin'” in them.

Stone the flamin’ crows!

Translation: Oh my God.

Alf’s go-to-phrase and one which should almost be patented in his name. Simply put, without Alf Stewart, there is no stone the flamin’ crows!


Translation: Jesus!

Often used by Alf when he’s startled by a situation or he simply cannot believe what one of the younger generation have said.

Ya flamin’ galah

Translation: … your guess is as good as ours. Basically, you idiot.

Ya flamin’ mongrel!

Translation: You wee shit.

It’s a trend, Alf Stewart likes the word “flamin'”. We 100% believe he has a broader vocabulary than that, but out of choice he likes to make it easy for people.

Don! Stop! It’s the wrong flamin’ flame!

Translation: This is literal, Don had the wrong Olympic torch. But the alliteration just slayed us…

Flamin Yahoos

Translation: Pesky teenagers/troublemakers

A favourite phrase for troublesome individuals in Summer Bay, but they weren’t long getting back to toeing the line after Alf hit them with this phrase.

Image via Redbubble

If brains were dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow wax out of your ears. So why don’t you shut up and maybe no-one’ll ever know?

Translation: You’re an idiot, so shut your mouth.

A classic Alf quote to Zinc and Plugger back in the day.

I’m the president. No buskers, bludgers or big ‘eads allowed.

Translation: Alf Stewart declaring himself the king of the castle.

Luke Cunningham was getting far to cheeky with Alf back in the day. Although, if we had that glorious hair, we’d probably be insufferably cocky as well.

You that we have you here, why don’t you try and name all of these characters from Home and Away. It’s devilishly tricky.


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