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23rd Sep 2015

This is what Pablo Escobar, the subject of Netflix hit Narcos, feared more than anything

Back of the net...

Simon Lloyd

Narcos has received plenty of positive feedback since it appeared on Netflix in August.

The series tells the tale of the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord.

Recently, Escobar’s former right hand man gave an interview which revealed the two things that kingpins are most afraid of.

John Jairo Velasquez, has now been released from prison despite it being believed that he was personally responsible for over 300 assassinations and gave the order for a further 3000.

Firstly, he claims that the threat of extradition was a major concern for the likes of Escobar. As shown in Narcos, Escobar is able to bribe those involved with the system in his own country, but being shipped abroad would have been a very different matter.

Interestingly, Velasquez also states that wanted posters are a grave issue for those on the run, despite some assuming that such a method was only really effective in the 19th and early parts of the 20th centuries.

Even though our towns and cities are more populous than back then, our ability to quickly disseminate information has also expanded with the likes of the FBI using digital wanted posters since the turn of the century.