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12th Sep 2016

Someone remixed the Windows 95 start-up sound and it’s a certified banger

When the beat drops...

Rich Cooper

Sometimes you don’t know how much you needed something until you find it for the first time.

This is one of those times.

People of a certain age will remember when Windows meant booting up a big ugly tower PC to play Minesweeper, instead of a third-tier mobile phone that some people use but also no one uses.

Producer The Noise Machine (real name Max Rutter) clearly remembers the former with fondness, and has blessed the world with a track that samples the iconic Windows 95 start-up sound.

And we can tell you, it’s smoother than buttered butter.

If you’ve had a long day, a shit day, a hard day, or if you just want to slip away on a blissed-out wave of nostalgia, plug your headphones in and listen. Then go and play Minesweeper.

Check out the track below. Make sure you have a spare pair of pants handy when the beat drops at 1:01.

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