Siri proves yet again that they're a big Game of Thrones fan 5 years ago

Siri proves yet again that they're a big Game of Thrones fan

A little while back we gave you an extensive guide on how to stay away from Game of Thrones spoilers.

But we'll admit that we forgot to warn you about Siri, the creepily knowledgeable robot that lives in your iPhone and apparently likes to keep up with the bloody events in Westeros.


If you haven't seen the superb season six finale yet, then we'll advise you hold off on asking Siri anything about Jon Snow until you've caught up.

But if you have *SPOILER ALERT*, then you'll know that episode 10 revealed that the newly proclaimed King in the North is actually the son of Lyanna Stark, rather than her brother Ned. And it looks like his true father was the late Rhaegar Targaryen. It was a pretty massive bombshell in an episode that hardly let up for a second.

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Since the last instalment of the series aired on Monday people have been quizzing Thrones superfan Siri on the Jon Snow revelation, and it has some knowing responses.



This isn't the first time Siri has transitioned from know-it-all Sat Nav to pop culture guru.

This is our personal favourite.


And it had a bit of fun with the last big Jon Snow storyline, too.


Who needs mates and the pub when you've got a pre-programmed personal Game of Thrones troll in your pocket?