Love Island's Alex Miller looks the spit of this American actor 1 year ago

Love Island's Alex Miller looks the spit of this American actor

This cannot be unseen.

Love Island is now officially kicking off. From tears to love triangles and everything in between, this season has us hooked and now, with a land of 12 new contestants there is also plenty of new characters to analyse too.

And one in particular is 28-year-old Alex Miller. Alex who is currently trying his best to couple up with Megan and seems to be winning having beaten off two other potential suitors, and now fans are noticing a scary similarity in looks between the structural glazier and Jeremy Piven, the 52-year-old American actor known predominately for his role in Entourage.

We have to admit, these two could be twins.


Love Island returns tonight for what is expected to be a seriously dramatic episode. We have recoupling apporaching, Dani is in tears over Jack's ex, Josh has moved on while Georgia is back at the villa waiting for him, yet, Wes is waiting for Megan and Megan has moved on to Alex. Things are heating up between Charlie and Ellie. Sam the bird wants to fly free from Samira while Samira is making moves on Freddie to just name some of the many things that are happening...