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15th Sep 2018

Ryan Reynolds trolls Mark Wahlberg’s daily regime with hilarious out-of-office


Reynolds recently revealed his email on American TV, but you get a hilarious response if you send him a message

Banter-merchant-in-chief Ryan Reynolds has offered a hilarious response to Mark Wahlberg’s extreme workout schedule that recently went viral.

In case you missed it, here’s what a typical day for Marky Mark looks like…

Wahlberg Workout Plan

And, not one to be outdone, now Reynolds has let people know what his typical day looks like after revealing his email address on The Tonight Show ([email protected], in case you were wondering).

If you do decide to drop him an email, in response you will receive the Deadpool actor’s weekly schedule. Which looks as follows…

His week sees him sneaking out of a screening of wife Blake Lively’s new movie (because it’s “her moment”), figuring out why maple leafs are called ‘leafs’ and not leaves, going on Skype to his secret family and watching Paddington 2 twice on a Saturday.

It might look at a roasting of  Wahlberg, but after news outlets picked up on the story Reynolds has claimed that it definitely isn’t.

He wrote on Twitter: “This is insane… As far as I know, I released my schedule first.

“And I’d never spend 6 hrs coming up with a new hairstyle. That’s ridiculous. I was only looking at SKETCHES of hairstyles. It takes way longer than 6 hours.”