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28th Jan 2019

Replay of Gemma Collins decking it leads to accusations she ‘fell on purpose’


Wake up sheeple

Dancing On Ice fans have hit out at Gemma Collins on social media over her falling over on Sunday’s show, claiming that she purposely fell in order to gain publicity.

The TOWIE star decked it while performing a routine to Celina Dion’s ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’. last night, in a clip that was subsequently posed into Whatsapp chats across Britain.

Her fall came after she complained about the criticism she had previously received on the show leaving her “in pain”.

“I got upset with Jason because he went personal. I’m going through pain this week, but I know I’ve caused most of it by being The GC,” she said.

“I’ve always been a bit of a joke but my mum and dad have had a go at me. I’m about to be written out of the will.

“I’m not going to let my mum down. I need to let my feet do the talking.”

Anyway, a lot of people now think that she did go out and let her feet do the talking, in the sense that SHE JUST THREW HERSELF ON THE GROUND FOR ATTENTION AND TO RAISE HER PROFILE COS THAT’S THE ONLY REASON SHE’S ON THE FUCKING SHOW.

It’s claimed the whole thing was premeditated as, in the footage, she appears to unnaturally bend forward before sliding forwards onto her stomach.

One social media user said: “That fall looks fake to me!”

Another added: ” Gemma Collins fall was more fake than her personality! She didn’t try to balance herself, didn’t wobble one bit, just straight down! Whoever bought that shit – WAKE UP!”

While a third again accused her of pulling a Mo Salah: “Should have been booked her for diving, biggest fake fall ever.”

Judge for yourself here: