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16th Aug 2015

Real Madrid and Barcelona stars display questionable taste in music

We can't decide which is worse...

Tom Victor

There are some great levellers in sport, and there’s nothing like an unlikely musical recommendation or two to bring elite athletes down to our level.

While Gerard Pique and Gareth Bale are two of the world’s best footballers, we reckon we could outdo the Clasico opponents when it comes to DJing at a house party.

Pique was the first to raise a few eyebrows after tweeting Nickelback lyrics ahead of Barcelona’s 4-0 defeat to Athletic Club.

But Gareth Bale, ever eager to take the heat off his fellow La Liga stars, went one better (or worse, depending on his point of view).

Admit it, none of you had the Welshman pegged as a Westlife fan, much less someone who kept up with the band members’ solo careers after the split.

It’s fair to say the response has been a little mixed.