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27th Jun 2019

QUIZ: Is this a Pokemon, or a Digimon?

Wil Jones

The eternal question

Which is the best? Messi or Ronaldo? Marvel or DC? Coke or Pepsi? Pokemon or Digimon?

Of course, the answer is Pokemon. Pokemon was always better. Digimon was the budget, Aldi-Pokemon, that was based on a lame virtual pets – as opposed to one of the most beloved Game Boy games of all time.

It did have a banger of a theme song though.

Anyway, partisan allegiances aside, here is a quiz to test the useless knowledge you have retained since childhood. It is very simple. We give you an image of a creature from a Japanese animated series. You have to tell us if it is from Pokemon, or Digimon.

Good luck, and just remember to be the best digital monster there ever was.