Peter Andre's picture of wife breastfeeding leaves fans fuming 4 years ago

Peter Andre's picture of wife breastfeeding leaves fans fuming

The internet is clearly becoming a darker place.

Today we've heard of Jamie Oliver getting stick for how he holds his newborn son River Rocket, but it seems the trolls have not and will not stop there.


'Instagram shaming' is something of a newfound term but whatever it is about the photo sharing website, people come in their droves to leave nasty comments on celebrities' photos on nearly a daily basis.

Peter Andre is the latest person to suffer shaming of this kind following the uploading of a picture of his wife Emily.

In the picture, Emily is seen breastfeeding their son Theodore and Peter expresses his gratitude and awe of his wife but apparently, that wasn't enough to keep the naysayers away.

I walked in and saw this. Just perfect #hungrylad

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Comments on the photo came from people questioning Peter's choice of uploading an intimate snap, asking


"Do we really need to share this moment with them? I don’t think we do, we don’t want to share their sex life, arguing, going for a s***, popping a spot etc.’

Others were simply not impressed by the 'oversharing' content of the post.

"It is beautiful, but private between a family, not on Instagram. Sorry Pete, disappointed."

"This is a beautiful pic and I am so happy Emily is willing to have her pic BF’ing put out there but in my view this isn’t a natural pic of breastfeeding, breastfeeding is amazing and wonderful, but it hurts your back, neck, boobs etc etc.

‘There is no way Emily would be sitting in that position on that chair just bf’ing. Make it more natural next time to truly make your point !"

What do you make of the photo?