Oasis fans are getting overexcited about a cryptic Liam Gallagher tweet 5 years ago

Oasis fans are getting overexcited about a cryptic Liam Gallagher tweet

They say nothing is certain in life other than death, taxes, Arsenal fans saying they're going to win the league - and an Oasis reunion somewhere down the line.

Walk around almost any given UK city on a Friday night and you'll forget they ever went away in the first place. You can't move more than a few metres without having to sidestep a 10-strong crowd drunkenly belting out Wonderwall in the rain.


But in fact the Manchester band actually split up nearly seven years ago now, and despite a constantly spinning rumour mill, both Gallagher brothers have repeatedly denied that any reunion is on the cards.

Noel recently joked (we think) that it would take a cool £20m offer to tempt them back for just one gig, and then you have to take into account that Liam recently called his older brother a "potato" on Twitter. As per usual, there's no love lost between the pair.

But Oasis fans are keeping the faith, and a recent Tweet from the frontman has stirred the pot yet again.

Now, a quick Google search reveals that RnR could refer to an ice cream manufacturer, an equestrian and country superstore or a nightclub from EastEnders.


We'll go out on a limb and suppose that he's talking about rock 'n' roll, though. To add fuel to the fire, the tweet was followed up by a fist bump emoji from Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, one of Oasis' founding members.

Bonehead was the rhythm guitar player in the band between 1991-1999, before being replaced by Gem Archer. He diplomatically told Mirror Celeb last year that he was a fan of both Liam and Noel's new bands - the now-disbanded Beady Eye and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds respectively - and that he "couldn't say anything about a reunion".

Liam is well known for his cryptic Twitter trolling, so we wouldn't get carried away with the latest one. There's every chance he might be about to announce a new solo venture. Maybe his cat RnR has been missing for weeks and just stuck its head through the cat flap.


Still, fans are crossing their fingers - again.


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