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24th Apr 2019

The Night King could be absent from next Game of Thrones episode, fan theory suggests


Game of Thrones is just really, really good, isn’t it?

So, after two episodes of slow build up, we’re finally going to get our first battle of Game of Thrones season eight. In the immortal words of Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter hacker: “Here we… here we… here we fucking go!”

The last episode ended with Jon, Daenerys and co, preparing to take on the Night King’s army of the undead at Winterfell. Although outnumbered, the plan of the combined Stark and Targaryen forces is a simple one, to use Bran – the three-eyed raven – to lure the opposition commander into the open. If the Night King is defeated, then his army will fall too.

However, a fan theory on Reddit has thrown a heavy dose of scepticism at Jon Snow’s plan. In fact, the theory says the Night King will bypass Winterfell entirely, instead heading south to do battle with Queen Cersei’s newly acquired Golden Company army.

The theory has been sparked by the fact the end of the ‘Knight of the Seven Kingdoms’ episode saw a show of the undead army, commanded by White Walkers, but no Night King.

With the Night King having now raised an undead dragon – that breathes blue fire rather than a normal fire, obviously – the reoccurring vision Bran Stark had of a dragon flying over King’s Landing during season four, could well have been of the Night King rather than Dany, as has previously been assumed.

Daenerys Targaryen’s vision of a snowy, destroyed throne room during the ‘House of the Undying in Qarth’ during season two, may too have been a vision of what was to come.

All of this is of course bad news for the armies currently stationed at Winterfell, as, without the ability to decapitate the opposition forces, they stand little chance against the army of the undead. I suppose there’s little to do other than wait for the next episode to air.