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10th Jan 2022

New Stephen Graham one-shot film has 98% on Rotten Tomatoes

Kieran Galpin


Graham was compared to a young Al Pacino

Stephen Graham’s new one-take film Boiling Point has secured an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 98 per cent.

While the audience score falls a little short at 76 per cent, Grahams new film Boiling Point is looking to be a strong addition to the 48-year-old’s body of work.

The film follows Andy Jones (Graham) as he battles numerous personal and professional crises while working as a “charismatic and commanding” head chef.

The plot continues: “A surprise visit from a health and safety inspector sets the staff on edge as the overbooked hotspot begins to fill with guests.

“Jones alternately berates and cajoles his diverse staff, trying his best to diffuse tensions between management and his crew, while catering to the ridiculous demands of customers.”

While Rotten Tomatoes is not always indicative of a film’s success, they usually parallel the general consensus.

Tom Shone from the Sunday Times wrote: “Graham gives off the same electrifying charge that the young Al Pacino used to. He may be Britain’s most exciting acting talent right now.”

Similarly, Nick De Semlyen from Empire described the flick as “a fast-paced and hectic kitchen thriller that, though it tries to spin a few too many plates, pulls you deep into a fascinating, detailed world most of us know little about”.

But, if you truly want to gauge a film response, then look at the audience comments. While these are just everyday folk, that’s the point. They will often have a similar reaction to those of us at home who haven’t been writing about Cinema for the Guardian for decades.

While numerous one-star reviews were seemingly from Americans, since they struggled with the “heavy British accent dialogue”, other reviews were more synonymous with expert opinion.

Benjamin wrote: “Quite stunning how compelling it is to just watch a high pressure restaurant operation for one night, with hints of the broader life context for the lead Stephen / Head Chef. Really seems to align well with what I have read and listened to about the realities of kitchen work. Mad, bad, sometimes crazy talented people, high pressure, high emotion.”

You can now stream this flick on Amazon Prime for as little as £3.99.

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