Megan is STILL unsure if she has a future with Wes... and it all comes out tonight 1 year ago

Megan is STILL unsure if she has a future with Wes... and it all comes out tonight

It's going to be a dramatic episode

The Love Island villa is filled with tension tonight as the lie detector is being resurrected from previous seasons.

The lads are all on edge with the girls in control of what questions they want to ask the boys... and Megan is pulling no punches as she wants some serious answers.

As she prepares her questions, Megan admits that she doesn't 100 per cent trust that she has a future with Wes.

She says to the girls: “Some of these questions I’ve asked Wes two or three times in bed and he’s given the same answer every time but now I actually know for a fact.”

Waiting for Wes to take his seat, Megan sits in the Beach Hut and admits that she has no clue what way this will go.

She explains: “It could go one of two ways. It could really knock my confidence more and I’m trying to be positive and trying to trust someone finally after I’ve been hurt in the past, or it’s just going to prove me right and be like ‘see, all men are the same'.”

 Megan’s questions include:

  • Do you think you’ll struggle to stay faithful to Megan with all the attention you’ll get on the outside?
  • Do you think Megan is wife material?
  • Are you embarrassed to take Megan home to your parents?

She also admits in the Beach Hut that she's nervous about what Wes' parents might think of her: “It’s like ‘are you embarrassed of my past?’ and ‘do you want me to meet your parents?’ all in one.

"If I was someone’s mum, I would want them to bring back sensible Sally that’s never got her tits out for a living.”

Only time will tell with this!