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18th Jul 2017

Love Island viewers have reason to believe the lie detector is fixed

It's an outrage. AN OUTRAGE!!!


Mark our words. Nothing – NOTHING – beats a good conspiracy theory. Especially not when it’s a gigantic *Love Island*-sized conspiracy theory such as this one…

The lie-detector element of Tuesday night’s show undeniably made for intriguing viewing.

Each female islander was hooked up to a polygraph and had to face a series of questions from their partners. As was to be expected, it threw up some interesting stuff.

Of particular interest to many of the viewers was one of the answers given by Olivia.

Perhaps understandably given what’s gone on in recent weeks, her partner Chris wanted to know if Olivia had told Mike that she would sleep with him in the hideaway.

She answered no, and was found to be telling the truth on the matter by the lie detector. Case closed, right?

Erm. No, actually.

Many viewers remained adamant that Olivia did indeed say to Mike that she would sleep with him in the hideaway in a poolside conversation aired during one of last week’s shows.

To many of those tweeting on the matter, this was proof that the lie detectors were completely fake…


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