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29th Jun 2017

Lotan from Big Brother has revealed that there was more to his departure than you think

More than meets the eye

Darragh Murphy

Lotan Carter insists that there was more to his Big Brother exit than met the eye.

Lotan was seemingly removed from the house last weekend following an aggressive confrontation with several housemates which saw him throw a bottle across the living room and engage in aggressive behaviour in the diary room.

Having already been warned about his actions following a tense few days with new addition, Isabelle Warburton, Lotan was told that he could play no further part in this season’s show.

But the 28-year-old has since broken his silence and revealed that there were also medical reasons at play prior to his departure.

What viewers didn’t know before Lotan’s final appearance in the diary room chair is that he was rushed to hospital after becoming increasingly unwell in the house when a stomach ulcer burst.

“I was vomiting blood, if you look at the video when they booted me out, you can see the hospital band on my wrist,” Lotan told the Sun.

“I was throwing up constantly, they had to take me [to hospital]. I had an ulcer in my stomach and it erupted with the stress.”

The male stripper suffers from a condition known as ulcerative colitis and, during his final day in the house, he vomited several times before an ambulance arrived to take him to hosptital.

The manner in which his departure was portrayed on screen baffled Lotan because he insists that he had asked to leave only for producers to say they wanted him to stay in.

But hours later, he was told that he had been removed from the house and Lotan issued no comment when he heard the news.

“I was petrified,” he continued. ” I went from being mad because I was stressed and in so much pain, to crying because I was throwing up so much. Blood looks like a lot when it’s in a toilet anyway. But when it was coming out, it was coming out like vomit but it was just blood. I kept doing it, I must have been sick 150 times. I opened my mouth and blood would come out, it was terrifying.

“They took me straight to hospital in the ambulance. They checked all my bloods and told me I needed an endoscopy. I told them I didn’t want to be there anymore, I wanted to leave and get myself sorted but it started again – they told me they wanted me to stay.

“I was in hospital until 9am and I went back. They talked me around. I arrived back and then they took me back to the studios and I went in through a side door.

“About 3pm, they took me into the diary room and told me to leave. I couldn’t believe it because I’d been trying so hard to get out.

“After the row I went to the diary room and said I was feeling really ill. I said I wanted to get out. They tell you this isn’t Guantanamo Bay, but they tell you how well you’re doing.

“But they don’t tell you what’s going on outside. Their ratings were probably doing well because of it.”