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18th Feb 2017

LISTEN: Superbad’s McLovin is in a band and their first single is not what we expected

It's actually not superbad

Rory Cashin

Superbad is ten years old this year (can you believe that?), and it was the first time the world was introduced to McLovin’ aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Since then he’s had a successful acting career in the likes of Role Models, Kick-Ass and How To Train Your Dragon, but this week he’s revealed to be a part of alternative rock band MainMan.

The group’s first single WWH (What Will Happen) was debuted by Funny Or Die, which might lead you to believe that its going to be a comedy single like The Lonely Island might release.

But no, it’s a full-on proper song, vaguely reminiscent of Empire Of The Sun, with a funky-retro music video, and there’s McLovin’ on the guitar!

Clip via Funny Or Die