Latitude headliner Bridget Christie tells Piers Morgan to "F**k off, mate” 3 years ago

Latitude headliner Bridget Christie tells Piers Morgan to "F**k off, mate”

Who run the world? Girls!

Jam-packed with inspiring women from all walks of life - among them musicians, comedians, artists, writers, activists and performers - Latitude Festival is all about celebrating International Women's Day today.


To coincide with the international celebration, the Suffolk-based festival has pulled together some quotes regarding the celebration of inspirational women from some of this year's top female talent, one of which was comedian Bridget Christie, and she had a few choice words for Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan.

"Time's Up indeed," she began. "I've found the #MeToo and Time's Up movements incredibly inspiring and emboldening, but while I'm obviously delighted loads of men are now shitting themselves and examining their own conduct and behaviour, it has taken 200,000 years to get to this point.

"Call me fussy and ungrateful, but in an ideal world, men shouldn't need the threat of being publicly exposed to understand why jizzing into a plant pot in front of a stranger is NOT cool, they should just instinctively know. Anyway, softly softly catchee monkey. We're getting there!

"Oh yes, and as I'm not on Twitter can someone give Piers Morgan a message for me? Fuck off, mate."

While she didn't provide a quote, Grammy Award-winning recording artist, songwriter, and visual artist Solange, who will be headlining Latitude on Friday 13th July, has used her public platform to advocate for justice and fair representation, promoting constructive and empowering political messages for quite some time. A sentiment that resonates across the Latitude bill, she was the recent reciprocate of the Harvard Foundation Artist of the Year Award, and was named one of Glamour Magazine’s women of 2017. Last year she also received the Billboard Impact Award.


Other quotes came from Jessie Ware, who commented: "I’m so excited about festival season this year, being able to sing and catch so many other women performing in their element and inspiring me. I learn so much every year."

Then Bryony Kimmings, who will be bringing her mind-blowing, multi-platform first solo show in 10 years to Latitude, titled I'm A Phoenix, Bitch, added: "I don’t mean to be rude and believe me I love boys... I have a son. But women should be running the world. The dudes have screwed it. Give us a go. Even the gods are blokes. Time to reframe the way it ALL happens."

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