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13th Feb 2022

Kid Cudi calls Kanye West a ‘f*****g dinosaur’ as Ye amps up Pete Davidson beef

Danny Jones

Kid Cudi calls Kanye a 'f*****g" dinosaur'

Ye is fully back on his BS

Kid Cudi has branded Kanye West a “f*****g dinosaur” after the artist now known as Ye drops him from Donda 2 following a series of outlandish social media posts.

The long-time collaborators and friends are in the middle of a fairly public falling out after Kanye shared a number of pretty vocal social media posts, including a now-deleted post which said Cudi “will not be on Donda [2] because he’s friends with ‘you know who'”. That who is Pete Davidson – the SNL comedian who is currently dating his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye Cudi Instagram

In a subsequent post showing a photo from 2019 which features Cudi, actor Timothée Chalamet and Davidson – who is now crossed out – Ye wrote, “I just wanted my friend to have my back the knife just goes in deeper:

Cudi replied to the open letter by saying, “Too bad I don’t wanna be on ur album u fuckin dinosaur hahaha everyone knows I’ve been the best thing about ur albums since I met u. ima pray u for brother.” This is all very high school, isn’t it?

The 38-year-old went on to respond further on Twitter after the post was deleted, saying: “you ain’t no friend. BYE”.

Perhaps the most bizarre post of all in this pantomime was a photoshopped Captain America: Civil War poster, with Kanye, Drake, his new girlfriend Julia Fox, Future and Travis Scott on one side and Davidson, Kim, Cudi, Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift on the other.

There are so many threads to this we genuinely can’t keep track.

He didn’t leave it there either:

Prior to the more confrontational posts, it was reported that Ye’s romance with actor Fox may have cooled off and not long after, he posted this image with the caption “God please bring our family back together”.

Donda 2 – on which Marilyn Manson is said to be heavily featured – is set to release on February 22 but judging by its predecessor, it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will actually drop. Either way, it seems the hype is being overshadowed by the rapper various antics.

As well as demanding final edit on his upcoming Netflix documentary, Ye was also reported to have been spreading rumours that Pete Davidson had AIDS.

All totally normal behaviour when it comes to Yeezy.

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