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21st Mar 2015

JOE launch: Spin-offs that should definitely happen

Tasers and football, anyone? What about Ant and Dec meets Peepshow?


After taking the baton from and hot-footing it over the Irish Sea, we pick five more spin-offs we’d love to see.

Obviously, is up there with Frasier and Cheers; Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul in spin-off successes.

And we absolutely hope that we’re no Joey or Hollyoaks Nights (like normal Hollyoaks, but more soft porn).

We’ve bashed our heads together and have come up with a list of suggestions from politics and popular culture we want to see:

Ant and Dec/Peep Show

The Geordies all grandmothers secretly fancy get the Peep Show internal monologue treatment, and we get to see into their dark, twisted minds:

Ant: “Oh, good. Duncan’s got no pants on again, man. Ahh really wish my eyes had really been shot out with paintballs all those years ago.”

Dec: “I wish that soft lad would take his troosers aff in the hoose, like. Makes me well edgy, seeing them fancy pants aaalll the time.”

Cameron and Clegg: Men Behaving Badly

Post-general election, the PM and his dogsbody deputy Nick Clegg move into a south London bedsit and squabble over the washing-up and FIFA.

Constant struggles follow as the pair battle their desire to live a ‘new lad’ lifestyle whilst running the country. Hilarious ‘bantz’ ensues revolving around beer-drinking and farts.

Football, Rugby and Tasers

Combine the best bits of football, rugby and a device to deal out thousands of volts of punishment to create a new sport – Oh, wait: This sport is ALREADY A THING.

May we present to you; Ultimate Taser Ball

José Mourinho/House of Cards

A Machiavellian football manager enters Portuguese politics and schemes his way to the top, blaming all and sundry for his ailing country’s mishaps. Sound familiar?

<br /><br /> Peek-a-Boo with Jose Mourinho<br /><br />

Got any more suggestions? Then let us know @JOE_co_uk