JOE Interviews: Poker pro Jake Cody feeling good about his World Series prospects 6 years ago

JOE Interviews: Poker pro Jake Cody feeling good about his World Series prospects

Jake Cody can undoubtedly count himself among poker's elite.

He is one of only five players to have ever won the illustrious 'triple crown' - victories in the game's three biggest tournament series: the World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour and World Series of Poker.


The man from Rochdale has made more than $4m (£2.6m) in live poker tournaments, and is now living it up in Las Vegas for this year's World Series, though he almost didn't make it...


Still in his 20s, the Team PokerStars Pro member has already achieved everything in the game, yet new adventures keep coming - this year's trip to Vegas is his first as a father, following the birth of his daughter Arianna in the spring.

After spending some time away from the tables of late, Cody told JOE all about his big plans for what he hopes will be a successful return to the top of the game.


How many times have you been out to Vegas for the WSOP, and what keeps you coming back?

This is my fifth year in Vegas, and my fourth year in a row where I have been [in Las Vegas] for two months. I really, really love it here, as a poker player it is heaven; amazing cash game action and tournaments every day, and lots of fun and great food in your downtime.

The tournaments are not as well run as most of the events in Europe, which can be frustrating, but the field strength is so much weaker that it makes it worthwhile.


What is your summer schedule going to look like?

Very busy. I am here for two months and planning to play 20-25 tournaments.  For the first half I am staying alone in various hotels, and for the second half I’ll be flying the family out and we are renting a house off the Strip.

What would you have to achieve this summer for it to be classed as a success?

A winning trip after expenses would no doubt be successful, having free rolled two amazing months in Vegas with my friends and playing poker that would be awesome. But to be truly successful it would be having a lot of deep runs and winning a bracelet [the prize for winning an official World Series of Poker tournament].

My absolute dream would be to make the November Nine [the final table of the Main Event, with millions of dollars going to the winner] - I genuinely fantasise about that a lot.



How do you see the Brits getting on this year?

Tournament poker is quite fickle, I think right now there a lot of great players from the UK who are more than capable of winning multiple bracelets but to get through most of the field sizes you need to run incredibly well, but I'm optimistic, I think there is a lot of potential.

And finally, what are your thoughts on PokerStars announcing Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar as ambassadors. 

I couldn't be more excited about it. I'm a big football fan and would be over the moon if I ever get to meet or play with them.  Of course I like my chances on the poker table.

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