Jeremy Clarkson has unveiled a huge update for his new Grand Tour show 6 years ago

Jeremy Clarkson has unveiled a huge update for his new Grand Tour show

Motoring fans have been eagerly awaiting the launch Jeremy Clarkson's new Amazon show ever since it announced.

With the new series of Top Gear getting somewhat... divisive reviews, petrolheads have longed for the return of the original Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond to return with their new car project, that will be show via Amazon Original.


In May this year Jeremy Clarkson revealed that the new show would be called The Grand Tour, and will see the presenter trio of host each episode of their show in a different country.


Now, to help us all get over a... interesting week, Jeremy Clarkson has now revealed the new logo for Amazon Original show.

Clean, stark minimal. Reminds us a little of the logos for Gran Turismo games back on the original Playstation.


Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond also popped up this week with a short Facebook Live video to detail The Grand Tour's first episode.

It appears that the first episode of The Grand Tour will be filmed on Sunday 17 July in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tickets are now available to book for fans wanting to be in the tent for the very first show and has Hammond says "Everyone is invited and we'd love for you to come."

"Unless you've got a Peugeot," chimed in Clarkson, in his typical combative mood.

"Or a moron."


Sounds like The Grand Tour will have more of that trademark wit.